Saturday, August 15, 2009

cakes for kuya mak...

Here it goes… my 2 birthday cakes for my eldest son’s 5th birthday. I just used the ready cake mix since I am still having a bit of a hard time moving around especially with a baby and a boy at home alone. Hehehe… Excuses I know. Hehehe… I was thinking of not baking him a cake instead just order from the bakeshop but I planned to make him his birthday cake months ago. Yes, its cake mix but I still failed in decorating, icing and frosting the cakes. Huhuhu… Now I know that it’s much easier to decorate and frost cupcakes rather than cakes. Hahaha… Anyway, I’m still glad though, friends liked my vanilla moist cake with choco frosting. They ate it all. Hmmm… maybe because they’re my friends? Hahaha… As for the moist dark chocolate cake with buttercream frosting? We end up scraping the icing and just consuming the chocolate cake. The cake was yummy but the icing was too sweet and rough for our tongue. Hehehe… As I said, it’s failure.

Here are some shots of the moist dark chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. I’d rather not share my failed recipes here. I’ll try this again someday and when it becomes a success, I’ll definitely post it here… right away.

Here are some shots of the vanilla moist cake with choco frosting. Here, my frosting was a bit runny and it didn’t really set. When I touched it after an hour, it’s still wet. Hehehe…

Even the candles didn’t do well… because of the hot weather, the candles almost melted.

Anyway… what matters most to me was that I made my birthday boy happy on his 5th birthday. Hopefully, next year, I’ll be able to bake him a successful birthday cake. *crossing fingers*

• • • • • • •

To all: I’m very much open for suggestions, advices regarding baking cakes and icing and frosting cakes. I really wanted to develop my skill on this and I’m eager to learn more. If I could only enroll in baking class or cake decorating class I would; but time, finances just don’t allow me. *sigh*

By the way, here are some photos from the 2 birthday celebration of our kuya makuy.

This one's "just us" celebration at the house. Kuya was so happy because Papa Kim bought him the skate shoes last August 9 which he requested a few months ago. Then on his birthday, Papa Kim surprised him with a Hot Wheels bike. It was a very simple celebration... just us... with spaghetti, garlic sliced bread, almost like corn dogs, peaches and cream, birthday cake and juice.

This one was yesterday at the park near our house. We celebrated his birthday with friends from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and around Al Ain. It was also a weekend get-together for the big ones and play time for the kids.

Thanks for looking... =)