Friday, August 14, 2009

Scrapping again...

While I was taking it slow on cooking and baking, I’m having so much fun with digital scrapbooking once again. I have been taking time off with scrapbooking before and it’s been a while until a few days after I gave birth to my second son that I started doing scrap layouts again… it feels so good. I even wanted to enhance and learn more in making materials (papers and elements) for digital scrapbooking. Hehehe…

I have a scrapbooking blog but I was not able to update it for a long time now. I am thinking of canceling that blog and creating a new one… and hopefully maintain it with this blog and my multiply site. I will update you guys soon if ever I opened a new blog for my scrapbooking layouts. For now, here are my first layouts.

Bouille Template 8
Taylor Made Mere Modesty
Feifei Stuff Ray of Light Solids & Prints

Bouille Template 11
Taylor Made Revive
Taylor made Mere Modesty

Three Paper Peonies California Itty Bitty Kit
Three Paper Peonies Birthday Itty Bitty Kit
Three Paper Peonies Sunshine Itty Bitty Kit
Three paper peonies Lemonade Itty Bitty Kit

Paislee Press Ecologie
Other freebies

Thank you for looking… =))


THEA said...

your so good att scrapping! Are you doing it in the computer or on paper??
Have a nice day!!

iNg said...

tnx for looking.
i'm doing digital scrapbooking. it's using the computer.