Saturday, February 7, 2009

simpleng pritong bangus

as i have said, kim bought this sooo large milkfish (bangus) in the souk last weekend but it's not fresh. here in our place al ain, uae, we seldom were able to buy fresh fish since we are far from the fishing port. although sometimes we get lucky. yes it's large but it's just good for frying. well... i haven't tried baking a bangus though. hehehe... kim likes frying the bangus rather than grilling it. when you grill it, you really have to consume all since for our experience, it doesn't taste that good anymore the next time you eat it and it become "malansa". therefore, we opted to fry the bangus for our dinner.

bangus, halved
garlic powder

pat dry the bangus slices so that the seasoning would penetrate trhough the fish meat.

season with the two sides of the bangus with garlic powder, salt and pepper. spread well using your hands.

set aside for a few minutes.

heat oil in a pan. fry the bangus by batches so as not to overcrownd the pan, skin first, until golden brown and turn to cook the other side. do not fry too long since it will not make the meat juicy anymore.

drain on paper towel.

serve with your favorite condiments and side dish. i served it with tomato-onion salad and soy-vinegar dip.