Saturday, February 7, 2009

homemade skinless longganisa

again because i'm pregnant, i've got to stay away from foods with preservatives. even if i'm not pregnant, as much as possible i want to stay away from those preservative-ful stuff since it's not good for our health. but i wanted longganisa. then, i start searching for longganisa recipe in the net and then i read this wonderful food blog which connected me to the longganisa recipe that's simple and easy to make... with no preservatives.

i just substituted the knorr seasoning with oyster sauce since i don't have it at home. i bought ground pork with less fat and i only used 500gm for this recipe, so i just divided the ingredients into halved. when i cooked it and we ate it this morning, it was longganisa and kim likes it.

we had "longsilog" for breakfast today and with matching tomato-cucumber salad. the longganisa just looks like it's chared but it not really. hehehe... maybe i just cooked it in the pan a little bit longer than i should have to. hehehe...

since i was able to make 24 pcs./logs of longganisa, i wrapped the others by batches into 6 pcs and put it in the freezer for the next consumption.

this recipe is the actual recipe i got in the net. i just divided this into halved since 1kg is too much for us and i used oyster sauce instead of knorr seasoning.

1 kg ground pork
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon fresh cracked peppercorn
4 teaspoons fine salt
1 tablespoon hot sauce
1 tablespoon garlic, minced
2 tablespoons knorr seasoning

mix everything by hand in a large bowl.

form into thin logs and refrigerate.

fry in a little hot oil.


Anonymous said...

hi grid. i tried this at home, very easy to make. thanks for the recipe. ask ko, what did you use to wrap the logs?


iNg said...

halu ying...
wax paper ako gigamit but you can use plastic wrap (cling wrap). then use chopstick to help tighten the logs.

Jeanette said...

hi grid,

unsa nang wax paper? mao na ang ilining sa oven if mag bake? wa jud koy alamag...

(miga ni aying)

iNg said...

yes, wax paper kanang gamiton to line a cake pan for baking. pro pwede ghapon nmo gamiton cling plastic wrap. just use chopsticks to tighthen the longganisa log.
ingat... :p

Anonymous said...

ing ask ko lng po pede po bang wala yung worcestershire sauce???