Sunday, February 8, 2009

egg-cheese bun

this is what i want for breakfast and anytime-of-the-day snacks. at the same time, kim and makuy could also have this on their snack packs. today, kim and i had this for breakfast while makuy had his cereal and milk. kim's bun doesn't have cheese since he's not a cheese person. and i used sandwhich spread for that pickle-lish taste but you can always use mayonnaise. you can also add ketchup or hot sauce as for kim. i had scrambled egg for my bun. next time i'll exert extra effort in making a homemade patty for my burger buns. :p

1 burger bun
1 tbsp. sandwhich spread
1 lettuce leaf, sliced
1 cheese slice
1 egg, scrambled
2 thin slices large tomato
4 thin slices medium cucumber

how to assemble:
slice the burger bun.

put sandwhich spread on your bun.

on the bottom part of the burger bun, arranged the lettuce leaves, cheese, scrambled egg, tomato and cucumber slices. cover the top portion of the bun

enjoy. :p