Friday, February 6, 2009

kingfish tinola

kim just went to the souk this morning to buy fish. we wanted to have fish for most of the days this coming week. kim bought a large bangus (milkfish) and a few slices of king fish (sorry, we don't know the filipino term for kingfish). we've been buying, cooking and eating kingfish for almost two years now. it has white meat. if it's fresh just like today, then it's good to make into soup and fried.... mmmmmm... or maybe baked and steamed... i'll try that one of these days.

so, we wanted a soup for lunch and we did. simple dish actually, simmer everything all together, season and then it's done.

this recipe serves 3-4 persons.

1 large slice kingfish, quatered and discard the bones
4 leaves pechay, white part separated and leaves divided into 3
1/2 large tomato, sliced
2 tbsp. ginger, sliced
1 pc. sili haba
1 pc. spring onion, separate white part and slice green part into 2" long
salt and pepper
3 cups water

boil the water together with ginger in a casserole.

add the fish, tomato, sili haba, white part of pechay and white part of spring onion. season with salt and pepper.

simmer until fish is cooked. turn off the fire and add the the pechay leaves and cover the casserole.

serve steaming hot. ;p