Monday, February 9, 2009

avocado delight

category: dessert, snacks
serving: makes 2-3 servings.

it took me 7 days before i could eat the avocado that i bought. i placed it inside our rice box to ripen fast. everyday i checked and really took me 7 days. hehehe... as soon as it's ready to eat, i immediately prepared this for our dessert after lunch. this very simple dish reminds me of my father. when we were small or bigger kids already, everytime he brings home avocado, we always have this dessert. although the ice should be crushed ice and the milk is much better if it's powdered milk. i remembered those times...

this is so simple to make:
divide the avocado in two, take out the seed and peel. slice into desired size. i sliced it into cubes and put in a serving dish and covered with plastic wrap because i served it a little later and i liked it really cold when i served it. but if you're intending to serve it right away, then you don't have to place it in the refrigerator.

after placing it into a serving dish, add some crushed ice and condensed milk depending on how sweet you want it. then mix them carefully as not to crushed the avocado. the ice that i used was ice cubes. i placed some ice cubes in a ziplock bag then wrapping the ziplock bag with cloth, i used a hammer to break the ice cubes in small pieces... just be very careful and make sure that when you close the ziplozk bag, there's no air inside.

i like this dish served really cold. :p