Saturday, October 31, 2009

pork with potato and carrot in spaghetti sauce

Menudo or not or something like that... Hehehe... Whatever. Just couldn't think of anyhting to prepare that time. We were still arranging and getting sttled at the new house... and no internet. I was lazy I didn't like to cook... really... too lazy all I want to do is sleep because I was tired arranging the house (boxes and platics of things were piled after each other). But somehow I was able to prepare our lunch and dinner... same dish since Kim and I are not eating dinner (die-eat... hahaha).

With some pork belly slices, a potato and a carrot, and some spaghetti sauce at hand, lunch and dinner were solved. I placed the pork belly slices with a lot of fat in a wok with a little water and seasoned with salt. I let it simmer and when the liquid has evaporated it released it's own oil and I let it cooked in it until the pork belly slices are brown and crisp. I took it from the wok and set aside. Then I sauteed minced garlic, sliced onion and jullienned ginger (in the same wok with the oil from the pork belly) until aromatic. Added the remaining pork belly slices (the ones with less or no fat) and sauteed until brown. Then added the carrot and potato (cubed) and sauteed again for a few minutes. Then added about a cup of the spaghetti sauce. Seasoned with salt and pepper and even a little bit of brown sugar (so that the sauce would not be too sour or just to make it a little bitty sweet). That's basically it. I just placed it in a bowl and sprinkled some pring onion leaves on top and the pork belly that I browned and reserved earlier.