Wednesday, September 9, 2009

La.Pi.S: freestyle

It's good to be able to participate in Lasang Pinoy Sunday Edition again after quite sometime now. It's freestyle for the whole month and here's my entry, malunggay soup.

Malunggay, kamunggay in our native tongue Bisaya... full of nutritional values. I've been craving for this for so long and at last, last weekend we went to visit a friend and they gave us a bunch of malunggay leaves. wow... we immediate add it in our tinolang manok. sumptuous dinner indeed. I was glad that Makuy loved it, too. As for the remaining malunggay leaves, I made it into malunggay soup. We had a small fish remaining in the freezer and that's what I prepared two days ago tinolang isda with a lot ofg malunggay leaves! It was heaven for me while sipping my cup of malunggay soup (never mind the fish, Kim or Makuy can have it... I just wanted a lot of malunggay leaves on my cup of soup... hehehe...)

Have a nice week people... :)