Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wish list...

blender... one of the items in my wish list.

i've been wanting to buy a blender but kim said to wait until it will be available again at the megamart bravo or until the summer ends. hahaha... when the summer ends, there's no more need to use blender to make coolers. although it will still be useful during winter, it's what i want now, to make coolers and crushed ice specially for the hot weather.

this photo was sent to me by mads. she said she has one like this which is so handy that you could just brings it to philippines everytime you wanted to or carry it anywhere... and it's cheaper.

so, we've been looking all over carrefour here but i couldn't find one like this. i'll keep on searching until i find one or kim gets tired of looking for this and just decides to buy me some other kind. yehey... that would be nice. hahaha... i wish...