Tuesday, May 5, 2009

kamote roll with chocolate drizzle

last week i had kamotecue and i still have 1 more kamote remaining. i wanted to boil it and dip it in ginamos but we didn't have ginamos at home. i miss that afternoon snack so much and along with the other snacks that i always enjoyed eating when i was still in the philippines.

so i decided to try something else. i still boiled it. i mashed it and put aome cinnamon powder and cheese. mixed well. then wrap a tablespoonful of the mixture using lumpia wrapper. rolled the same way i rolled lumpia. then dredge in eggwhite and then in dessicated coconut and deep fry until golden brown. drain excess oil in a paper towel. then arranged in a plate and drizzled some melted bittersweet chocolate (i melted some bittersweet chocolate chips in a microvawe then mixed with a little fresh milk).

i was excited to try but had to wait for a few more minutes to cool it down or else i will burn my tongue with the hot filling. hehehe... then when i finally ate it... mmmmmm... quite good and satisfying. the wrapper didn't turned out crispy as that of the lumpia as i imagined it would be; instead, it was soft and chewy with the filling. the kamote taste was not empowered by the cinnamon or cheese although you can still staste them. overall, i enjoyed it.