Sunday, May 31, 2009

macaroni fruit salad

we have always been enjoying fruit salads and we always see to it that we have some in the refrigerator. so that everytime we wanted to have some dessert or snack, there'll always be a bowl ready to enjoy.

everytime we go for a grocery at carrefour, i always make sure i grab this biscocho... so perfect for my macaroni fruit salad. i always enjoy my biscocho with warm milk or chocolate drink or cold juice or simply as it is.

well, my macaroni fruit salad is so simple to prepare and nothing special about it. i just combined a cup of cooked macaroni with a 500gm. fruit cocktail, a bottle of kaong and a bottle nata de coco (everything should be well drained. i reserved the syrup of the fruit cocktail for later use.) then i added diced cheddar cheese. then i added 4 tbsp. cream, 4 tbsp. mayonnaise and 1 tbsp. condensed milk. just mixed everything together and chill before serving.