Thursday, April 30, 2009

La.Pi.S: Swirls and Twirls

my very late entry for this week's lasang pinoy, sundays. i've been wanting to bake this cinnamon roll and ensaymada for so long now and i thought this week's my chance, since i'll have either one for my lapis entry this week. but unfortunately, the very hot summer weather here in uae hindered me to bake or stay in the kitchen for long. if i stay in the kitchen even just for 2 minutes, my sweat is dripping all over me already. yes... really hot now and we don't have ac in the living room or kitchen. the summer just started here and it will even get hotter by july (my delivery month!) and the hottest will be on august. huh... i hope summer would fly so fast. i'd rather like winter than summer this hot. hehehe...

so, i had to scan my archive for a possible entry for this week's theme and this is just what i found... my self-frosting nutella cupcake which i got the recipe from miss connie. the frosting of the cupscakes are swirls and twirls of nutella spread.

have a good day... :p


ces said...

oh congrats! i have to do this nutella cupcakes again:) nice photo!:)