Wednesday, April 29, 2009


craving for kamotecue lately and i asked kim to buy me some kamote at the supermarket near his office. i wanted my kamotecue to have plenty of sugar coatings... mmmmm... yummmmyyyy... hehehe...

just peel and slice 1-2 the kamote in rings. wash them and pat dry. in a wok, heat about 1 cup of cooking oil and fry the kamote rings for 6-8 minutes. set aside. in the same wok, pour about 1 cup of brown sugar and about 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder over the cooking oil. stir until a little melted. then bring back the fried kamote rings in the wok and stir until coated well with sugar and cinnamon. drain excess oil using strainer or wire rack. when it has cooled a bit, you can place it in a skewer.

i enjoyed the crunchiness of the sugar with cinnamon and the softness of the kamote.