Friday, May 8, 2009

sarciadong bulad

last weekend we went to a friend who had just came back from his vacation in cebu. my parents sent some stuff for the baby and so we drove more than 2 hours to their house. it was also a time to visit close friends since we were not able to visit abu dhabi since december last year. before we left, jason gave us bulad (dried fish). we were actually glad since we didn't have bulad for some time now.

bulad/buwad is how we call dried fish/tuyo in my homeplace cebu. never mind the lingering pungent smell after frying the bulad as long as i'm satisfied eating the delicious bulad. i'll just spray some air freshner or light a scented candle. hehehe...

it's weekend here in uae and our refrigerator's empty. this is what i had in mind for lunch. we all liked it even m. but as for me, i just have to eat in moderation since it is dried fish and a bit salty.

to prepare, soak the bulad in warm water and rinse it in cool water for a few minutes to remove the excess salt from the bulad. fry the bulad until cooked, we like our bulad a bit crispy, drain on paper towel and set aside. in a frying pan, heat some oil and saute some sliced onion, garlic and julienned ginger until aromatic. then add several ripe chopped tomatoes, a few teaspoon of sugar, a little vinegar and a little water. mix well to incorporate the flavors. then the bulad into the mixture to let the juices infused with the bulad for 3-5 minutes.

thanks to intsik for the bulad... :)