Friday, May 22, 2009

puto maya

puto maya, usually eaten early in the morning with cocoa/tsokolate; wrapped in banana leaves in triangle shape. this is very common in our province in cebu and davao. i like eating my puto maya just with sugar and sometimes, powedered milk and sugar.

this is my puto maya... a bit of disaster but still eatable. hahaha... i asked this recipe from my mother through texting. i just reduced the ingredients since i just wanted to try it and just missed eating puto maya. it was soggy and mushy maybe because i used rice cooker instead of cooking it over low heat over the stove top. when the rice cooker lighted on warm, the glutinous rice wasn't yet cooked. so i decided to transfer it to the satove top and added coconut milk since the bottom was starting to get burned. i almost lost hope and thought that it will be a disaster! it tasted puto maya, only mushy. i melted some chocolate chips and drizzle over the puto maya but the rest, i just had addtional sugar.

this was from my mother: cook the 1 kl. glutinous rice with 3 cups coconut milk, thumb-size ginger, 2 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp. salt. combine the sugar and salt with the coconut milk before pouring over the glutinous rice. cook over low heat just until the rice is cooked.

i hope the next time i make this, it will be much better.


Manang said...

eto pala ang puto maya. I have never tasted it before. Someone asked me before about it but I did not know what it was! I only know the "puto maya gaya-gaya" phrase as a child. haha!