Wednesday, May 20, 2009

La.Pi.S.:SLICE it up!

missed the la.pi.s. last week again. this pregnancy makes me really feelt tired these days since i'm already in my third trimester. 2 more months to go and another boy will be added to our little family. because of this event coming closer and closer each day, i'm finding it harder to move around and even blog since i still do household chores (we don't have any helper). but i as i can still manage, i will do my best to update my blog and even join the weekly la.pi.s.

well, for this week's theme, these are my entries.

i've always loved banana cake/bread. it was the first cake i was able to bake with my table top oven when i was still single in cebu. although this recipe was much more different with the usual recipe i had, i liked this one better... not too sweet for me and k. recipe here which i got from my kitchen if you're interested.

this... i like. instead of deep frying the pork belly, i tried cooking it in the oven. even if the skin was not that crisp, i still liked this much better than the deep-fried one. maybe because this was less oily since the oil/fat dripped from the meat to the pan while the deep-fried, you cooked it with oil... maybe? as per the recipe, i sliced the half of the pork belly slab meat just until almost into the skin, keeping it still intact, so that the seasoning could penetrate through the meat. recipe is here from pinoycook.

enjoy the week and hoping to see you next week in la.pi.s. again... :p


raquel said...

wow! i would love to try that pork roast belly. looks crunchy-yummy!!!!

ces said...

that pork belly had me at hellur!!!! sarap! tapos banan bread:)