Monday, May 4, 2009

La.Pi.S: shades of spring and summer

this week's lasang pinoy sunday theme is shades of spring and summer.

everytime i see these colors or see these desserts, i always remember the wonderful summer at home (philippines). i always crave for these desserts specially now that it's so summer here in uae. it's so hot i always wanted to have halo-halo or mais con yelo or cold fruit salad or just avocado with crushed ice in the afternoons.

colorful fruits always reminds me of spring and summer... even crushed ice reminds me of it. hehehe...

fruit salad

mais con yelo

quick fix halo-halo

avocado delight

happy la.pi.s. to everyone... :p


ces said...

wow, it's like i am choosing what dessert i want now after breakfast!:) all of it please!:)

JMom1 said...

Oh how I miss halo-halo! It's just not the same when I make it at home :)

I just had the avocado delight last night. It does always remind me of hot summer nights.

Jescel said...

oh, i love halo-halo.. and how I've missed it! that is definitely summer to me.