Tuesday, April 28, 2009

homemade potato chips with cheese-cinnamon dip

i bought this new vegetable peeler from daiso and i got so interested in peeling the potato, so easy compare to my previous peeler. hehehe... then i started to shave the potato after peeling it since i enjoyed what i was doing. hehehe... then i realized what should i do with the shaved potatoes now? so, i line a tray with papers and lay each shaved potato one by one on the paper and placed it outside to dry, i'll make it into potato chips.

i started drying it in the morning (almost noon) and intented to cook it in the evening but since i didn't want to spend so much time in the kitchen that day i cooked it in the morning the next day. i should have cooked it yesterday because it literally turned into starch! almost half of it turned into waste. i couldn't take it off of the paper, i couldn't hold it because it breaks everytime i pick it up.

fortunately, i was able to cook most of it. i deep-fried the pieces of shaved potatoes until golden brown. drained on paper towel. good thing was the cooked ones turned out good. k & m liked it so much they were asking if there were still more. hehehe... it's all natural since i didn't put any salt in it. i dipped it in the cheesed spread i had in the refrigerator and sprinkle some cinnamon powder... and it tasted good as well.