Tuesday, April 28, 2009

fruit salad

yesterday i made fruit salad. this is for k since he's been dieting now. he told me that he just wanted to eat salad everynight and it's also nice to have salad within reach everytime we wnated some healthy snacks throughout the day. i tried my salad with cornflakes and it was good as well.

still simple to prepare with all the ingredients readily available and accessible at the supermarket: i drained well 3 small cans of fruit cocktail and 2 bottles of nata de coco; and set them aside. then i mixed 4 tbsp. of cream and 1 tbsp. of condensed milk (if you like it more sweeter, you can add 1 tbsp. more). then i combined the fruit cocktail, nata de coco and the cream-milk mixture together in a bowl. sprinkled with some grated cheese and chill before serving.

yes... really simple. :P