Thursday, March 19, 2009

cashew brittle

i like peanut brittle but since i like cashew better and i have it in my kitchen, i decided to make cashew brittle then. you can also make brittle using other nuts.

the last time i made cashew brittle, i caramelized the sugar a bit longer than i should have and i chopped the nuts smaller than i should have.

this time, i chopped the nuts a little larger and the cashew can still be recognized. i didn't follow the recipe i used for the first time. instead, for about 1-1/2 cup cashew nuts, i just caramelized 2 cups white sugar and 1 cup water until amber in color. i added the cashew nuts and quickly mix to completely coat the cashew with the caramelized sugar. i then poured in a parchment lined countertop, place another parchment paper on top and roll to thin out while still hot. sliced and let cool completely.

i was more pleased with the result and happier while munching on my cashew brittle.