Wednesday, March 25, 2009


another way to prepare a squid dish. simple to make and faster to cook. that is because the longer you cook the squid, the tougher it gets. using just a few ingredients around you'll be able to prepare this in a flash.

i thought makuy doesn't like to eat squid since he didn't like the adobong pusit but he just chewed a bit then swallowed and finished his meal. well, that's good.

squid, cleaned, heads and ink sacks removed and discarded, tentacles retained, sliced into rings
lemon juice
egg, beaten
salt and pepper
cooking oil for deep frying

in a bowl, place the cut squids and lemon juice. let sit for a few minutes. drain very well and discard liquid. season the squid with salt and pepper. set aside.

in a bowl, place the cornstarch. another bowl next to it, place the beaten egg, and another bowl next, place the flour.

heat the cooking oil for deep-frying.

dredge each squid rings into cornflour, then into the egg and into the flour. shake a bit to take off excess flour. deepfry until golden brown. make sure that the oil is really hot when you dip the squid rings. it only takes a minute to cook and do not overcook for it will toughen the squid meat.

drain excess oil in paper towels.

serve with vinegar-garli-onion-chili dip.

for the dip:
just combine vinegar, crushed and minced garlic, thinly sliced onion and chopped chili in a sauce bowl.