Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mango roll

category: dessert, snacks
serving: serves 1

i just had this idea to try rolling the mango strips using sliced bread... it's a nice pair with the fruit salad i made a few days ago (i will have to make another salad entry, not this salad :p).

the bread that i used was not that good to use since it broke while i roll it. unlike the bread that i used with the hotdog roll.

i just cut a ripe mango into strips and set it aside while i flatten the sliced bread. i cut the edges of the sliced bread and using a rolling pin, flatten each bread slices. then at the end of each bread, i placed a few mango slices and roll to close. then i dipped the rolled bread into the beaten egg then dredged with breadcrumbs. then deep-fry until golden brown. drain on paper towels and serve while hot.