Friday, February 13, 2009

mais con yelo

category: dessert, snacks
servings: makes 2 servings

i saw this almost a cup of cream-style corn in the refrigerator. it's a good timing since i wanted to eat something cold... with ice. with this almost a cup of cream-style corn, i made 2 servings for me and kim. makuy doesn't like corn.

this is very easy to make:
i just place the cream-style corn in a small serving bowl. put crushed ice (a lot of crushed ice for me) and a little of condensed milk. stir a bit and then ready to serve.

for my crushed ice, i just put ice cubes on a ziplock plastic making sure there's no air inside the plastic. cover the entire plastic with towel. then with kim's hammer, i started hammering the ice cubes until it is crushed. hehehe... inventive? hehehe... :p