Saturday, February 14, 2009

kim inasal upgraded

category: main dish, family recipe
serving: makes 4 servings

this was our valentines treat for ourselves, kim, makuy and i. kim's inasal isn't new to us since we've (i mean "kim") been preparing this for some special occasions before. but this time we opted to bake it instead of deep-fry it. the outcome?... much, much better... soooo much nearer to our lechon, with the real crispy skin. yummmyyyyy. we ate our lunch late already since it took us almost 2 hours to bake this but it's worth the wait.

just like before, kim requested this to be a secret with both of us. so, forgive me if i'm not sharing the recipe here. hehehe... we used pork belly and placed the seasoning and spices inside. rolled it in and baked in a preheated low-temperatured oven for 1 hour then increased the temperature for another 50 minutes. once in a while, basting the pork belly with the drippings.

however... i'll update this entry as soon as kim allows me to share the recipe. but for now, i just wanted to share to you guys the satisfaction and contentment we had on our valentines day.