Thursday, February 19, 2009

deep-fried pork spare ribs

category: main dish
serving: makes 2 servings

i was a bit busy baking cakes today for tomorrows affair and refrigerator's almost empty. i just decided to deep-fry the remaining pork spare ribs and chicken wings for lunch and prepare a simple salad to go along with it.

yes, this is really simple...
boil the pork spare ribs until tender with crushed garlic and salt.

drain and air-dry for a few minutes to avoid splattering of the oil when deep-frying.

in a ziplock bag, mix together cornstarch, ginisa flavor mix and pepper. you can also use flour instead of cornstarch but i prefer cornstarch since the batter is more thinner that of the flour.

heat cooking oil in a deep sauce pan until very hot.

put the boiled pork spare ribs inside the ziplock bag (in batches) with the cornstarch mixture and shake until all the pork spare ribs are well coated.

deep-fry pork spare ribs until golden brown. drain on paper towels.

serve with your favorite dipping sauce... we always have ours with hot sauce. :p