Thursday, October 30, 2008

easy leche flan

category: dessert
serving: 7 mini leche flans

as always, i got this easy dessert recipe from from her mini leche flan. you can do shortcuts in making leche flan, as she said. bottled molasses in lieu of caramelized sugar for the syrup. so, i decided to try, why not, since i couldn't caramelized the sugar right the few times i prepared this dessert.

with this, i used muffin cup mold instead of the usual llanera. it came out as mini leche flans which were attractive to look at. the diameter of the muffin mold was 2-1/2" and the height was 1-1/2". i was able to make seven mini leche flans using the following...

4 eggyolks
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
3/4 cup fresh milk
1/2 tsp. lemon extract
3-4 tsp. molasses

spread about 1/2 tsp. of molasses on the bottom of each mold.

beat the eggyolks. pour in the milk and the sweetened condensed milk. mix until well blended. add the lemon extract and stir a few more times. strain trhough a fine sieve.

fill each mold with egg-milk mixture until almost full. it doesn't overflow as it cooks since it doesn't rise or expand during cooking... it just becomes firm.

steam for a bout 15 minutes. start timing as soon as the water boils. cool before inverting. you may have to run the tip of the knife around the mold to loosed the leche flan before inverting.

if you couldn't find a bottle of molasses you can always opt for the traditional way of caramelizing the sugar. in a pan, caramelize 1/4 cup sugar and coat each mold with it.

on the other hand, there's this super easy way of making lecheflan:
in groceries here in uae, they have this food called caramel cream which is so close to our leche flan, only not that sweet as ours. what i did was i bought a box; inside was a pack of the caramel cream powder and a pack of the coating. i coated my 1 large mold with the coating. i placed the powdered caramel creme to a pan and added 500gm. fresh milk and 250ml sweetened condensed milk. i brought it into a bol stirring continuously. then pour over the coated mold. i let it cool on room temperature before chilling. simple... no more steaming. and... the taste? same as our sweet leche flan.


Cathy said...

I'm going to try this one sometime. I kind of give up leche flan after several attempts. I'll try this recipe.

iNg said...

don't give up... keep on keeping on and you'll success will be sweeter and yummy. ;)

antonette alqueza said...

Grid ...I'm going to make this for new year! Looks yummy ..I bet this taste yummy too!