Monday, September 29, 2008

little kwek-kwek

category: appetizer/snack
servings: 4

i got this idea from donna (my officemate). she was asking me if i knew how to cook kwek-kwek. it made me think since i haven't eaten kwek-kwek. kwek-kwek is a filipino street food also called "tokneneng". it is sold together with adidas, fish ball, barbeque, bananaque, and so many more. tokneneng is the baby version of kwek-kwek, boiled chicken eggs coated with orange-tinted batter commonly sold on the street. tokneneng is made of boiled quail eggs... tokneneng and kwek-kwek get additional flavor from the spraying of smoke, dust and other airborne elements from people and vehicles passing by as they sit on display on the karitons. ( i called this recipe little kwek-kwek instead of tokneneng.

here i used hotcake mix instead of flour. there's more flavor and i have it in my kitchen. ;D. i've been wondering what to do so that the batter really sticks to the egg. and i found the answer... coating the egg with flour before coating it with the batter. thanks to ann, i'll do that next time. for tha sauce, it would be up to you. i dipped it with tomato ketchup but i liked it much better with vinegar & garlic dip.

20 pcs. quail eggs, hardboiled and shelled
1 cup hotcake mix
1 pc. egg
1 tbsp. butter, softened
salt & pepper
oil for deep-frying

for the batter mixture, combine together in a bowl the hotcake mix, egg abd butter. season with salt & pepper. mix well.

put the quail eggs on the batter and carefully mix them avoiding crushing the eggs and coating each eggs well with the batter.

before deep frying the eggs, coat each eaggs well with the batter. deep-fry until golden brown.

drain on paper towels. serve hot with your choice of sauce.